I was on the site: Organizing Home Life the other day and Ginny, the author, made a post about labeling your leftovers in the fridge using dry erase crayons. *Go to her site here*
Dry erase crayons?! I didn’t even know these existed! After all these years (ok, only about 2) I’ve had to suffer the effect of letting my oldest daughter learn to yield a dry erase marker, getting it all over her hands and things. Crayons are great, dry erase crayons? Even better.

So anyways, I bought a pack of dry erase crayons and found that in addition to being able to write on Pyrex lids, I could write on other things too. Think of some of the benefits. Remember seeing those trendy drinking glasses in the store with the bit of chalkboard paint on them so you can use chalk to label your glass? Well now you can use the glasses and cups you already own. When you’re ready to label things you can mark drinking glasses, wine glasses, plastic cups, glass bowls, heck, I even wrote on my kitchen counter, windows, mirrors and coffee cup. Non-porous surfaces are the key. The crayon writing doesn’t rub off easily but with a little bit of water and a rag it wipes clean.

Trying to rub off with a dry rag


Rubbing it off with a damp rag