20120806-201956.jpgI was pondering one day of how I could speed up and improve the shower stall cleaning process when I came up with an idea to use an orbital sander with a magic eraser attached to the unit. It didn’t work out so well, the magic eraser fell apart almost instantly and then there was that lingering question floating around my head “will I get electrocuted?” The orbital sander was plugged into the electric socket. I decided to try something else.

A battery powered drill was safe as far as no electric currents flowing through it and a quick search of drill attachments led me to the idea of a bristled carpet brush. So I ordered it and tried it out and the results were interesting. I feel like you do save time by having the bristles work their magic to get the shower build up off. However, if you think you won’t get a work out, you’re wrong! That drill is a heavy sucker!

Cleaners should majorly help in speeding up the cleaning process, right? Well, in this cleaning experiment I tried Ajax, bleach, and an all purpose cleaner. My take on it all is that the cleaners didn’t seem to pull their weight. The bleach was the best (but also the most dangerous) but even STRAIGHT bleach would not remove the toughest build up. In desperation, I grabbed a pumice stone that was in the shower as my last attempt. Low and behold it worked. It chiseled it right off. So I’d say my quest for a cleaning detergent is not over but I’m glad to say I have found a few unlikely tools to make my time cleaning in the shower more rewarding.