Anyone who has little ones understands the challenges of decorating your home. Glass items are a definite no, small items will get lost or eaten, house plants fake or real will get dismantled. Most of us just box up things or put way up high on a shelf. Luckily the ‘destroy all precious things’ stage doesn’t last too long but it could last long enough for you to miss those treasured items put away in storage.

Sali has three kids ages 4, 2 and 10 months and thus has mastered the art of display. After seeing an old display case for sale, she bought it up for $75 and is able to keep things neatly and safely displayed for all to see.
The great thing about a display case is that you can change the items or look of it within an hour and a half. When first brought home it displayed her husbands Dodger memorabilia but has since been revamped to suit their chill beach feel in their living room. The best part of all is the kids are safe from the items and vice versa. The only complaint? Display cases seem to be a magnet for fingerprints!