Rated: Easy Schmeeshy Materials: Hydrogen Peroxide, Plastic stick or end of a spoon, and Sodium Bicarbonate

    I definitely don’t baby my drains as I probably should. If it drops in the sink, it goes down the drain. I actually had a sixteen penny nail go down last year. However, I don’t condone shoving nails down the drain on a regular basis.

    Needless to say, my bathroom drain clogged up today and not the type of clog that you can ignore. There was once a day when I’d go run to the store to buy a jug of Drain-O, but not today my friends. Not today.

    My weapon of choice? Hydrogen Peroxide. I poured about 1/3 cup in the sink, then took a plastic stick and stuck it down the drain, moved it around to get the peroxide moving. The standing water went away… A small victory. Next, I added another 1/3 cup of peroxide and let sit, used the plastic stick again. Repeat till draining on it’s own accord, even if slowly. Last but not least, bring on the sodium bicarbonate, aka Baking Soda. Pour about 1 TBSP down the drain and follow up with 1/3 cup peroxide. Ah, glorious scrubbing bubbles. Reminiscent of my 5th grade science experiment.

    After all that, the true test is to turn on the running water. Wha-La!! The clog has been defeated!! The winner is the abusive sink owner!