You know how it goes, you spend forever scouring your glass shower door yet those stubborn water stains don’t come off. Not even a little bit.
Well it seems as though a tip passed through a mom to her daughter to her friend to her friends daughter in law to you has saved the day!!
[Cue dryer sheet and applause]


That’s right, try using a dryer sheet and watch the stains go away. I purchased this box of dryer sheets for .97 and you get 40 sheets. That’s two pennies a sheet, not bad.

For those non believers out there I took a before and after picture of a jar that had held my soap bars in my shower for about 2 months. All the dish soap and scrubbing would not get the stains off.


Thank you Lila for the tip!

Note: I recommend wearing gloves of course, as with any other cleaner.