WHAT IS UP WITH THE WOMEN ROLES IN CHRISTIAN CATERED MOVIES THESE DAYS?! Is this how a Christian women should be? Cruel, controlling and manipulative B words? The movies I’m talking about is Gods Not Dead and Cokeville Miracle. I will take the good out and cast aside the bones but I can’t help but air my opinion about them because they’re supposedly made for me.

My mom personally had set the standard of what a woman of God should look like. My mom met and married my dad – and shortly after, she gave her life to Christ. Well, according to these Christian movies, the answer is : make your husband/significant other choose God or hit the road. Well, I suppose for some, that could be necessary- but that is not real life, atleast in my life. My mom chose the path which was incredibly difficult and she won. She walked a path that looked like: Raise children of God, regardless of what her own circumstance looked like. Honor the covenant she made with the man she loves. Walk in truth and not her feelings.

She loved my dad wholly for who he was and where he was at, didn’t ask him to change. She treated him with respect and it was mutual. It wasn’t a fairy tale – there were hard times. When the head of the household may steer the ship, she had to be the co-pilot with eyes that could see a little different then the captain. She was a fire cracker, with a tough skin but a soft spirit. I think the writers of these movies could learn a thing or two from my mom. Actually, it’d have every bit and 100 Xs more of the drama and flair that these writers attempted to grab hold of when the wrote up their screen play.

It makes me think, these womens roles in these movies are shifting women into somewhere I don’t want to be shifted. Just as guilty as most television shows casting fathers as mindless, naive, clueless individuals. Let’s not conform to someones idea of who you are. Embrace the truth that you are: brave, strong, compassionate, sincere, and powerful.