Rated: Simple and Difficult
Materials Needed: None

    In our family is 4 people. Stewart, me, and our two girls. I was doing about 3 loads of laundry every other day without question. My husband pointed out that I was doing a ton of laundry and besides that, most of what I was washing was not dirty. I was in shock that he would question my thoroughness (and a little mad). The next morning, getting ready to do a load of laundry, I took the time to do a smell and look test of every item in the bucket (Well, not every item, I’m not going to get that personal with yesterdays socks). I put away the clothes that passed the test and the results were interesting. I cut the pile down by 50%.
    It was difficult for me to fold and put away clothes that I knew had been worn and not washed. Why is that though? I guess you have to change your thinking. I know I’m not the only one in America who gets accustomed to the availability of clean water and a functioning washer machine. So what would happen if you and I didn’t have that? If we had to wash all our families clothes by hand with a limited amount of clean water? The answer would be wash the stinky and dirty. On the flip side, I felt like my family needed to have CLEAN, freshly washed clothes. It was definitely a struggle to choose clothes to wash.
    The bottom line though is this: I just cut my laundry bill by 50%. I’m consuming 50% less water, I’m making my detergent last twice as long and my family is still clean and nice smelling. Stewart, you were right. Just this once!