Rated: Easy! Materials: Leaves, an ugly used door mat, spray paint colors of your choice

    So your once colorful welcome mat is now a sad looking rectangle. It happens to everyone. Your first thoughts may be to go buy a pretty new one and spend $20 or you might just hold onto it as is because even though it’s ugly, it still serves it’s purpose well.

    Did you know though that with just a few minutes of your time, you can turn your tired mat into a one of a kind welcome mat?

    Step one is clean your old mat well. Smack it around, turn it upside down and jump on it. Do that until your not seeing dirt come off it anymore.
    Step two is find a variety of fall leaves and arrange on your mat.



    Step three is to start spray painting, being careful not to blow your leaves away. You’ll want to keep the leaves exactly in the same spot until you are done with all the spray painting. I used 3 almost empty spray paint cans in a rust red, brown and a teeny bit of yellow. I used an enamel kind, it should be water proof and last.
    So that’s all that’s to it. Let it dry and use.