Rated: Easy to Moderate (because of running a drill)
Materials Needed: Acorn caps, a drill with drill bit, wire or string, beads (optional), spray paint (optional), necklace clasp (optional)

    No need to spend money on new jewelry, look outside under your local oak tree. Free and biodegradable 🙂
    Gather the acorn caps, more than you think you need. Next, Prepare to drill every cap, choose a drill bit that will work well with your choice of necklace wire or string. Find center and drill away. Drilling the holes took some time but man oh man does my daughter love her necklace. She wore hers all day, and the day after.



    Now that you have a bunch of acorn caps with holes, it’s time to create the necklace. Tie one cap to the end of your wire or string (or use your necklace clasp) and then begin to bead them. I thought open end to open end would look awesome, like wooden beads, but what do I know. My craft volunteers like to mix things up.


    When all the string/wire is filled, save some room and create a loop to go over the opposite end of the necklace. Or, if you have a professional clasp, use that.

    And here we have the finished product. Yay!


    Even though we kept the original look to the acorn caps, you could always spray paint the caps to any color.